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The biggest problem barrier to recognizing Asian American stereotypes is lack of awareness and information. We started our interview initiative to help counter this problem by hearing from experts in the field and students who can share their experience. By spreading awareness of the issues Asian Americans face, we can begin working towards alleviating these struggles. Read more below!


Julie Yang (MoCo BoE member)

Julie Yang explains her perspective on the model minority myth as a member of the BoE who understands the experiences of Asian youth. She explains how MoCo is working towards a community of respect and inclusion and the next steps the BoE is looking to take. Watch the video! 



Alison Huang, an Asian Psychotherapist in Maryland, shares her experiences with Asian clients who have struggled with the model minority myth. She suggests spreading awareness through initiatives such as AAMHI as the solution. Linked above!



Tseng explains her perspective on the model minority myth and the struggles that Asian American students have to experience. She believes that school counselors need training to properly and appropriately handle matters of Asian American students' mental health. Linked above!


Karimova shares the mission of the community organization AALEAD and the experiences of the Asian American  students that are part of the club. She shares the programs AALEAD run at Blair and other high schools in MoCo to counter the issue. Read the whole interview above!


Leslie Blaha tells the story of how and why she became Blair's AALEAD sponsor. She delves into the struggles that the Asian American members of AALEAD experience, and what Blair's AALEAD chapter works towards alleviating these issues. Linked above!


Blair AALEAD member and student Jessica Dao discusses the purpose of AALEAD and how it works towards alleviating the hardships faced by Asian American students. Read about her perspective at the link above!


Hear from a variety of students at Blair's AAPI Month Showcase, including organizers, performers, and audience members! The student-organized AAPI month showcase featured several Blair students and clubs as they performed poetry, music, and dance that represents Asian American culture. Read them in the link above!


Katie shares the perspective of an Asian American student at Blair High School. She shares her experiences with teachers, counselors, and other students assuming she doesn't need help and that she is only good at math and science. Linked above!


Nathan Gehl shares the perspective of a white student in a Magnet program made up of predominantly Asian American students. He explains how the culture of perpetuating the model minority myth is normalized, and how damaging it is to his Asian American peers. Linked above!


An anonymous Asian American student shares their experiences with assumptions made about their innate intelligence without help. They share the normalized culture within the Blair magnet and how many Asian American students feel pressured as a result of it. Linked above!

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