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Asian American Advocacy Initiative

AAMHI aspires to counter Asian American stereotyping and microagressions through behavioral nudges - elevating voices, providing resources, and educating the public. 


our impact

Created slideshows presented to over 87K students across 66 county schools.

Planned a panel with 150+ attendees and expert panelists to spread awareness

Collaborated with Julie Yang (BoE) and Kristen Mink (County Council).

Implemented counselor training modules + added to county-wide health curriculum.

Distributed pamphlets in 10K+ schools across 50 states in the U.S.

See a full list of schools here



- Access to counselors/therapists sensitized in Asian American stereotypes

- Our research:

- Links to relevant websites and organizations that can help.

- Created and distributed informative pamphlets to over 10K+ schools to spread awareness of the issue.

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- Interviewed Asian American therapists,  BoE member Julie Yang, AALEAD heads, and more to gain an expert perspective.

- Invited to present at the MCPS AAPI Month Celebration.



- Testified twice to the MCPS Board of Education.

- Advocated to county councilmember Kristin Mink and DHHS - implemented a training system for school counselors to specialize in helping Asian American students. 

- Developed lesson plan that were presented to 50K+ students across 25 high schools in MoCo to spread awareness of the issue.

- Introduced training modules for MCPS school counselors.

- Worked with MCPS Supervisor of Health Education to add Asian American stereotyping to the county-wide school health curriculum.

- Collaborated with MCPS Director of Psychological Services to implement an Asian American psychologist in every Magnet High School.

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As a community, we support each other. To overcome the model minority myth and the pressures of society, we must normalize imperfections from Asian Americans. No one should be burdened with the ideal of perfection. We encourage everyone to contribute to our forum, and interact with Asian students all over the world!

We held our 2023 Model Minority Myth Panel in AAPI month this year! Read more about it and watch the recording!

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AAMHI co-hosts the county-wide Waymaking Special on Student Mental Health with over 1K viewers!

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